Books by Susannah Gautier are rich with mythology, suspense and mythical creatures such as vampires, shifters and faeries, and romance with a bit of steam.


Escape into the Dark Legends of the Underworld, where love, danger and the supernatural intertwine, where legends become reality, and where love and sacrifice are forever bound together. This series celebrates love between all supernatural beings, vampires, shifters, Fae and immortal witches, among others.


Seduction Magic

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Where it all began….
For five centuries a war was waged between the Death Demons and the Amateris, a nearly extinct race of immortal sorcerers who have been the victims of genocide by Valerius’s rogue vampires. But something is about to turn the tides of the war….

Francesca is the one Raven has searched for the last 500 years. She is the only who can save the Amateris from extinction. Valerius, the leader of the Death Demons is determined to kill Francesca, the one who can rebirth the immortal race of sorcerers.

When Francisca’s world starts to crumble around her and she is left a vulnerable prey of the Death Demons, she must trust her powers and her life to the mysterious stranger who has a magnetic power of seduction over her.

Sacred  Bonds

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Five hundred years ago the last female Amateris was saved by the vampire Loukas de Vecchi, keeping the immortal race of sorcerers from extinction by the vampire infiltrated Inquisition.

Today, the mortal descendant of the last immortal female, Eva Delano is an orphaned adoptee who has no knowledge of her true identity. Her life is turned upside down when she meets Loukas, the enigmatic stranger who claims she is the Genos, the savior of the Immortal Amateris race and is being hunted by the Death Demons, her immortal enemies.

Eva soon realizes she is falling for her Guardian, the elusive Loukas De Vecchi, who is sworn to protect her until the prophecy is fulfilled. Eva must undergo the rites of immortality, save her doomed race and become the new leader of her people. But to do so, she must perform an impossible task: she must give up the man she loves, her protector and her sworn enemy.