Books by Genevieve Goodwin are Sweet and Wholesome Contemporary Romance stories that will leave you dreaming for more! Check out my Clean and Wholesome series here and fall in love again and again!


Handsome heroes meet their match as danger and love collide in this fun sweet and wholesome romance series. Protecting these feisty heroines in a challenge. Protecting their own heart is near impossible. Edge of your seat suspense and swoon worthy  romance make these books pages turners.

Heroic Intentions 

Talk about bad timing. Undercover Op, Leo Frey has a price on his head the size of Texas. He’s managed to hole up at a tiny fishing village in Italy when he runs into the life he’d left behind- in the form of Carly Marshall. Carly has finally got over the man who’d left her stunned and brokenhearted. Or has she? When she and Leo find themselves on the run from a deadly bounty hunter, only the truth can save them from the nightmare that threatens to destroy the one thing they love: each other.


Reckless Valor

Undercover Op Ethan Lawrence can’t help but be swept away when he’s put in charge of protecting his feisty ward. Jayne Compton has seen too much. Now in the witness protection program, she has no choice but to leave her quiet life behind. Undercover Black Dragon Op, Ethan Lawrence was not expecting his witness to be so sassy. And smart. And downright attractive. Now he must choose between accomplishing his mission or saving the woman who has turned his life, and his heart, inside out.


Secret Entanglements

She holds the key to an ancient artifact. His mission is to claim it. But can they resist the connection that deepens between them?

Tough, smart and attractive, Archaeologist Ariel Taylor is more than a handful to Colin Sullivan AKA Sully, a man who is used to running the show. Through the streets of Miami’s South Beach and the wetlands of the Everglades, Ariel and Colin must join forces to fight the enemy. But can they fight the undeniable bond that grows between them?



How to…

Wed a Billionaire

He needs a wife and heir. She wants a husband and a baby. A marriage made  in heaven, right? After attending five baby showers this past Spring alone, Danielle Williams is fed up with being single and childless while all her friends are swimming in kids. But she’s sworn off dating after just one too many loser boyfriends, so what’s a girl to do? 

Enter Mason Rutherford, the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the country. And he is dead set on remaining single forever. That is until his father demands he marry and produce an heir or be fired as the CEO of the family business. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, Danielle’s marriage arrangement with Mason Rutherford has now blossomed into dangerous territory. With his father’s disapproval and her heart on the line, can Danielle keep up the charade long enough to find marital bliss?


SEABROOK ROMANCE SERIES  A Small town beach romance series – with a touch of mystery and suspense. Coming Soon!

 Last Chance Love

Jamie Connolly has returned to the tiny town of Seabrook to escape her high society Ex who is stalking her. Once an impoverished orphan, Jamie is now a famous designer in Palm Beach. But she has found the jet-set life style empty and passionless. She hires her old crush, Aidan to remodel a cottage she bought in her hometown. It is soon obvious the innocent kiss they once shared and the feelings that went with it have not diminished with time. Too soon, she realizes she is caught up in a web of secrets, lies, and betrayals. A dangerous web that will certainly endanger herself and the people she has grown to love.

Stealing Paradise

Wyn  Harrison (from Reckless Valor) discovers what true love really is when he meets ER nurse Reggie Valour. Happy endings abound as these two broken-hearted people learn to love again.

Wild for Love

Finally! Kerrie and Travis’s love story. As Travis tries to get out of the friend zone, Kerrie tries to break a big case, leaving them at odds, despite the off the charts chemistry that has grown between them.