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Don’t you love weddings? Then you’ll love the Wedding Charade Series! Fake Weddings turn into real love when these heroes least expect it. Get swept off your feet by these swoon-worthy romances!

How to Wed a Billionaire

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He needs a wife and heir. She wants a husband and a baby. A marriage made  in heaven, right? After attending five baby showers this past Spring alone, Danielle Williams is fed up with being single and childless while all her friends are swimming in kids. But she’s sworn off dating after just one too many loser boyfriends, so what’s a girl to do? 

Enter Mason Rutherford, the most eligible billionaire bachelor in the country. And he is dead set on remaining single forever. That is until his father demands he marry and produce an heir or be fired as the CEO of the family business. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, Danielle’s marriage arrangement with Mason Rutherford has now blossomed into dangerous territory. With his father’s disapproval and her heart on the line, can Danielle keep up the charade long enough to find marital bliss? 


How to Wed a Quarterback

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Corbett Cooper, also known as Super Cooper, is a star quarterback who already has two Superbowl rings and four broken records in his young career. As well as he plays the game, his skill off the field is no match for the likes of Ruthie Monroe. 

Ruthie Monroe loves her job as a Fundraising manager for Unity Outreach, a charity group. But she has sworn off dating athletes, despite her constant contact with them. That is until Corbett Cooper, the super star quarterback announces their engagement- fifteen minutes after meeting him for the  first time!

How to Wed a Country Music Star

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Secrets, lies and love. Is it ever too late to win back your first love?

Country Music Super Star, Jeremy Halston has had enough. Suffering from exhaustion after three non-stop years of touring and sick of having his life micromanaged, Jeremy heads home to Evansville, the small Texas town where he grew up.

Working as a personal chef for a reclusive celebrity being paid big bucks seemed like the perfect job for cash strapped Madelyn Wilson. Until that celebrity turned out to be Jeremy Halston, who just happens to be her ex. When it becomes clear that sparks still fly between them, Madelyn feels turmoil regarding their past, which includes a dark secret she’s kept to herself for far too long

Thrown into close quarters while faking their marriage, it soon becomes obvious that deep feelings still exist between them. Has it been too long to heal their broken hearts and find love again?

How to Wed a Movie Star

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She’s a struggling script writer who dislikes famous actors with bad boy reputations.
Until a case of mistaken identity results in her becoming fake engaged to one!

Jocelyn Godfrey is a struggling script writer in LA. When she shows up unannounced to pitch her screenplay to a major movie studio, she inadvertently signs on to be A-Lister action star, Ryan Roberts’ fake fiancée in a case of mistaken identity.

Ryan Roberts built his career and subsequent fame and fortune as Hollywood’s notorious bad boy, which was a PR stunt that has finally came back to bite him. When his alter-ego bad boy persona gets him in trouble with his studio, he is forced to fix his reputation or give up the role in his wildly successful series of action films.

Hiring a sweet, aspiring actress to be his fake fiancée was the genius idea of his PR manager and agent. But as time goes by secrets and surprises come to light. Can Jocelyn and Ryan overcome the lie their relationship was built on and their wildly different backgrounds to find lasting love?

If you love fake wedding books and Cinderella stories, you’ll love How to Wed a Movie Star.

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Four fabulous fake wedding sweet romance books!

1- How to Wed a Billionaire
2- How to Wed a Quarterback
3- How to Wed a Country Music Star
4 -How to Wed a Movie Star



Handsome heroes meet their match as danger and love collide in this fun sweet and wholesome romance series. Protecting these feisty heroines in a challenge. Protecting their own heart is near impossible. Edge of your seat suspense and swoon worthy  romance make these books pages turners.

Saved by Her Ex

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Talk about bad timing. Undercover Op, Leo Frey has a price on his head the size of Texas. He’s managed to hole up at a tiny fishing village in Italy when he runs into the life he’d left behind- in the form of Carly Marshall. Carly has finally got over the man who’d left her stunned and brokenhearted. Or has she? When she and Leo find themselves on the run from a deadly bounty hunter, only the truth can save them from the nightmare that threatens to destroy the one thing they love: each other.                   



Saved by Her Secret Hero

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Undercover Op Ethan Lawrence can’t help but be swept away when he’s put in charge of protecting his feisty ward.

Jayne Compton has seen too much. Now in the witness protection program, she has no choice but to leave her quiet life behind. Undercover Op, Ethan Lawrence was not expecting his witness to be so sassy. And smart. And downright attractive. Now he must choose between accomplishing his mission or saving the woman who has turned his life, and his heart, inside out.



Saved by Her Protector

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Her life is in danger. His mission doesn’t include saving her.

But protecting her means sacrificing everything. His mission. His job.

Even his own life.

Areil holds the key to an ancient artifact. Sully’s mission is to claim it. But can how can he complete his mission when she’s stolen his heart?

Tough, smart and attractive, Archaeologist Ariel Taylor is more than a handful to Undercover Op, Colin Sullivan AKA Sully, a man who is used to running the show. But when he realizes she is on the hit list of the formidable Famora, an international crime organization, all the rules of the Top secret  group he works for go out the window. He is willing to risk it all, even his own life to save hers.

Through the streets of Miami’s South Beach and the wetlands of the Everglades, Ariel and Colin must join forces to fight the enemy. But can they fight the undeniable bond that grows between them?